Welcome to InPhotonics, the market leader in fiber optic sampling probes and accessories for Raman spectroscopy. Several RamanProbeTM models are available for analytical, quality control, and process monitoring applications. We also specialize in rugged fiber optic Raman spectrometers for laboratory and field analysis.

  InPhotonics offers fiber optic Raman probes to suit almost any application, spectrograph design, and budget.

For true on-line monitoring, our industrial probes combine chemical and physical resistance with unparalleled performance.


Laboratory Probes
Low-cost RamanProbe
Immersion RamanProbe

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Process Monitoring Probes
Reaction RamanProbe
Process RamanProbe

Specialized Probes
Imaging RamanProbe
Polarization RamanProbe

Dual input RamanProbe

  Our laboratory spectrometers provide optimum performance in their price ranges.

The InPhotote has set the standard for on-site forensic analysis.


Compact Spectrometers


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