InPhotonics' fiber optic probes and accessories have been widely used on a variety of commercial Raman systems. These quality suppliers can provide an integrated solution for your particular application. We may also be contacted directly for specific probe options.

For OEM customers, InPhotonics can design and manufacture custom components in both small and large quantities. Please contact us to discuss your particular Raman or fluorescence requirements..

Manufacturers/Resellers - U.S.A.


Bruker Optics, Inc.

B&W Tek, Inc.

Control Development, Inc.
Enwave Optronics



Ocean Optics Inc.
Perkin Elmer

Process Instruments, Inc.

Renishaw Inc.

Roper Scientific
Thermo Scientific

InPhotonics' probe and spectrometer products are also available through numerous international distributors

.Distributors - International

Opto Solutions - China

Instrutecnica - Brazil

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